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Example data can be found here and tutorial videos here
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Select DICOM files to browse and convert to NRRD
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Medical 3D Viewerquote iconabout iconyoutube icon

View and manually segment medical 3D data (.nrrd)

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File Converterabout iconyoutube icon

Convert a volume file to a (compressed/binary) NRRD format
compatible with our segmentation tool:

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Medical VR Viewerabout icon

View medical data in Virtual Reality, e.g. the Google Cardboard
Note: you need to convert your data (.nrrd) to .vti, this can be done with ParaView

Segmentation Score Calculatorquote iconabout iconyoutube icon

Calculate the Hausdorff distance or Dice coefficient:

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3D Skull Reconstructionquote iconabout iconyoutube icon

Skull Reconstruction and Implant Generation for Cranial Surgery

3D Face Reconstructionabout iconyoutube icon

View and reconstruct 3D Meshes from Images and .nrrd

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